My given name is 尚倫 (Shang Lun). To pronounce it, take the SHA of shark and the UNG of hunger and blend it into one syllable, then take the L of love and the UN of Wunderbar to obtain Lun. My family name is , romanized as Lee. Always feel free to ask me in person. You can also call me Harry.


I'm an antidisciplinary artist, playful designer, independent game maker, community organizer, and serial comma user. My interests include Christian theology, ecological economics, freestyle wrestling, speculative architecture, a cappella vocal ensembles, water polo, and tea.


I'm Chinese Malaysian Australian. I moved to Jakarta when I was 6, then to Lexington, MA when I was 12, then returned to Melbourne for highschool. At university I studied medicine, commerce, and games – though not all at the same time. I have a sister (who is brilliant) and a dog (who isn't but I still love him).


I'm the creative director of PlayReactive, a team of multidisciplinary artists making unique interactive experiences, from videogames to immersive theater. I sometimes lecture at RMIT University and the University of Melbourne. In 2013, I was the co-director of Australian independent games festival Freeplay.

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